I get by with a little help from my friends...

It's been a really long week. Something major that we've been working on for a long while - well over a year and in earnest for the past six months - has encountered a big glitch, big enough that it may trip up the whole plan and send us back to ground zero. It's one of those plot twists that shakes you to the core, and makes you rethink everything you've been working towards.

In these times, it can be really hard to stay on track because it can feel like life is on hold indefinitely while waiting to resolve the snag, broiling in a state of purgatory. For whatever reason this term is part of my lexicon, so I looked it up:

purgatory: 1:  an intermediate state after death for expiatory purification; specifically: a place or state of punishment wherein according to Roman Catholic doctrine the souls of those who die in God's grace may make satisfaction for past sins and so become fit for heaven 2:  a place or state of temporary suffering or misery

I suppose it feels more like definition #2 ... 😊

Despite experiencing this misery I have a parallel track running alongside this one, a wellspring of support from colleagues, mentors, coaches, and friends. 

My meditation for today is: What if we remembered it is OK to lean on others when our brains are fried and we feel like we can't go on? Remembered that it's OK to ask for help? Sometimes we think we have to be perfect and do it all as a leader, professional, parent, etc. I'm thinking about how much I appreciate discovering examples of successful people acting like the human beings they are, and that true authenticity means being Real, in whatever form that looks like. Our partners and collaborators appreciate it too, and guess what- it's an infinitely easier way to live!

I am a self-proclaimed recovering perfectionist, and it still rears it's ugly head in stubborn places of stress and strain where old habits die hard. Throwing our hands up in defeat can be a good place to start actually. Eternal optimism, even from an eternal optimist, is not always the answer. One trusted colleague and friend reminded me today that true authenticity is about being real and speaking the truth. So, for today, I give up and I rest. I give in to frustration, gridlock, and disappointment. I give myself permission to feel grumpy. Tomorrow I fight on.

I will activate this tremendous support team when the time is right to do so, and for now they powerfully remind me that even in dark times, someone has my back and that is enough. The expression "believing in someone until they believe in themselves" means we get to heave a big sigh, celebrate being human, and let someone else carry us until we are ready to go again.

When we are head down and feeling alone in our struggles, so swamped it's hard to come up for air, it really helps to take a minute to reach out to someone and share a laugh, vent/rant, or ask them about their lives and listen to their stuff. 

I invite you to consider who's rooting for you in your corner when the chips are down in your lives. We don't always remember the good when things are bad. Take the time to really think about these people, maybe even thank them, and then pay it forward, so that someone thinks of you as a source of support when their life temporarily takes a trip to hell in a handbasket!

Thanks for the soundtrack Joe Cocker!


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