vallmark* grew out of a young girl’s homegrown way of making her mark on everything she touched ~ instead of Hallmark (TM), Val Swan would imprint Vallmark with a Swan logo on the back of every card, story, narrative, painted rock, picture, or other delight that came out of her creative workshop. Her high quality standards brought out the best in whatever she poured her heart into. Val is passionate about and truly dedicated to improving the lives of others and the community and provides space and support for people, organizations and ideas to shine.

For over two decades Val has worked with a wide variety of organizations and sectors and has a depth of experience leading people and projects to high levels of success, collaborating with the Center for Creative Leadership's global marketing/communications and research/innovation groups, several YMCAs, New Horizons Computer Learning Center, Barnes and Noble, the University of Arizona communications and sociology departments, Strong Memorial Hospital, community partners, several law firms, and many others. She has managed complex initiatives with budgets of over $1.5 million annually and a diverse community of over 400 high touch stakeholders, partnered with individuals, and everything in between.

Val has an extremely robust network and loves connecting people and resources. With nine years of leadership development, facilitation, and design training from the Center for Creative Leadership® (CCL), a top-ranked global executive education provider, she has completed the Adjunct Facilitator Training Program, Leadership Development Program (LDP®), and Leadership Essentials Program and is certified to deliver the Organization Workshop® from Power + Systems and the Murphy-Meisgeier Type Indicator for Children® (MMTIC®) psychological type assessment.

Born with an innate love of language, reading, writing and investigation, she infuses her daily work with these strengths, including writing and editing work across multiple industries, storytelling with The Monti, keynote speaking for a variety of organizations, published poems and writing, tutoring undergraduate, graduate, and ASL students with the Writing Center at the University of Arizona, and as an alumna cohort member of the University of Rochester Ventures writing program. Her most recent paper was released in December 2015- The Importance of Young Women's Leadership: Our Story With Girl Scouts. Excerpts of her writing can be found in Know and Tell: A Writing Pedagogy of Disclosure, Genre, and Membership by David Bleich, p. 165-172. She currently blogs on topics related to health, leadership, and personal brand. Val earned her Bachelor of Arts in Sociology, magna cum laude from the University of Arizona and has completed graduate coursework in HIV/AIDs and African American Studies.

Val loves working with clients to help them achieve their goals and is highly skilled at listening, gathering contextual details, and quickly getting at the essence of the project to support you in bringing your vision to life. Regardless of the scope of work, we recognize that everyone needs a partner, coach, sounding board and editor (including all great leaders, coaches, and writers!) and we are thrilled to serve in that capacity for you!


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